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When it comes to financial services, money is the name of the game. The Xerox line of multifunction copiers was built to help your organization save time and money by streamlining the document management process. A combination of unique software and hardware will increase the security of your documents while also providing archival capabilities and audit trails necessary to adhere to industry regulations.



  • Print over 300 10-page tax returns in under an hour
  • Scan up to 70 /sw/themes/10910/site_images a minute directly to email, your desktop or USB
  • Securely encrypt all sensitive documents via optional security.
  • Send and receive faxes and effortlessly transfer them to USB, email or your desktop
  • Quickly collate, staple and fold applications, appraisals, etc.



Benefits for your Finance Institution


  • Make paper-based processes like loan processing and account openings digital
  • Save manpower by automating labor-intensive operations like document output and compliance transactions
  • Enhance your company’s image and brand recognition with professional quality output
  • Streamline your front office with one machine for faxing, scanning, copying and printing
  • Digitize records in order to improve access to information while adhering to government-mandated security regulations

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