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Document management and organization is vital to a well-run government agency.  JANCO has partnered with manufacturers that offer ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment, power-down and sleep-mode features, recycling programs for ink and equipment.


Our manufacturers work to develop solutions that meet the most stringent standards for network and information security.  They incorporate iron-clad security features including Secure Print, Network Authentication, and automatic removal of unprinted jobs that allow you to restrict access, track usage and protect confidential data flowing through systems during your day-to-day operations.


JANCO is confident in providing Xerox as a solution for our State and Federal Agencies.  Xerox offers TAA Compliant Products.  Xerox has a full of line of printers and MFPs compliant with the US Trade Agreement Act (TAA), a mandatory requirement of all GSA contract procurements.  TAA compliant configurations denote that the country of origin for the specified configuration of that printer, MFP or fax machine complies with the requirements of the US Trade Agreements Act (TAA).


Whether you are printing mass mailings, large legislative documents or daily operational workloads, we have a solution.  JANCO has been working with the State & Local Government for over 35 years and understands the needs of compliance and reliability of equipment.


JANCO is affiliated with purchasing contracts to make it easier for the State departments to do business with us.

How can it help your Agency?

Benefits for your Government Agency


  • Improve document management between data and hard copies of records
  • Streamline your workflow with one machine for faxing, scanning, copying and printing
  • Gain peace of mind with enhanced security for all incoming and outgoing documents
  • Save manpower by automating labor-intensive operations like collating, stapling and folding

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