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JANCO has worked in the healthcare industry for decades.  Today, JANCO manages print technology in one of the largest acute healthcare organizations in New England.  JANCO understands the challenges a healthcare provider faces on the day to day with business administration.  We also understand the critical needs of having disaster recovery scenarios for hospitals that require 99% uptime.


JANCO works with the urgent care organizations and creatively finds ways to support their need for uptime and support around the clock.


Healthcare is faced with many obstacles in managing document worklfow.  JANCO can show you how using tools can optimize how you exchange patient documents to better coordinate care.  Using partner technology you can send and receive patient information securely and within HIPPA Compliance electronically.  It arrives in the right format right at the point of care to help healthcare providers make critical medical decisions without delay.


The healthcare industry has intensive record keeping and a major cost to administrative operations. The bigger movement today is getting prepared for Direct Messaging.  We are experts in helping you understand the need to move from a fax environment to the new Direct Messaging systems that are in place today with hospitals.  In the future, Direct Messaging will be approved as a standard with Healthcare legislation.  So, the question will be if you’re ready.


JANCO partnered up with Xerox and their specialty product the Healthcare MFP.  This has all you need in a device that can provide your tools for being HIPPA Compliant and ready for Direct Messaging. Along with the Healthcare MFP, we also provide a document language translation application that can be used to work with a diverse patient community.


JANCO is involved in the local Chamber Healthcare Councils and also attends the Connecticut Health Council meetings to stay abreast of legislation and changes in the industry.


Whether you are a small Doctors office or large consortium of Doctors, we can help you.

How can Janco Solutions Help?

Benefits for your Healthcare Organization


  • Ensure the privacy of patients with integrated security features
  • Streamline document management between data and hard copies of patients’ records
  • Improve the efficiency of your office by eliminating the need for multiple machines
  • Gain peace of mind with enhanced security for all of your incoming and outgoing documents
  • Digitize records in order to improve access to information while adhering to government-mandated privacy regulations

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