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The buzz word is paperless, but facing this in the legal industry can be an uphill battle.  Every legal action generates a paper document.  A study showed that 50 percent of the cost of a trial can be traced to document handling expenses.  With that said, JANCO recognizes your challenges to run an efficient and economical office space.


The average firm size is one office, six employees and annual revenue of $1 million.  But how does this small firm compete with the resources of a large firm with an annual revenue of $100 million?


JANCO can provide any size office with the resources they need to keep their document management under control.


Everything is billable in your cases, right down to a prints that are made for a case file.  We have technology that can manage this for you.


Partnering with software technologies, we can offer solutions that will allow you to locate documents quicker using OCR.   This software can also allow you to scan documents to edit immediately in multiple platforms, strike words, redact words and more.  The result is having the ability to turn documents around faster to the next party.


Working with the Connecticut Bar Association, we would like to offer the Connecticut Attorney’s discounted pricing. Furthermore, if you are a young attorney that has not built enough credit to purchase/lease document technology, we have a special offer for you.

SPecial Offer

Need to build your offices credit?


We are offering our ambitious upcoming legal community the opportunity to build credit using our rental program.  Our Rental program will include a Multifunction device, Service and Toner with one affordable monthly payment.  We can also include any software options you would need to start to build your practice.


If you are a larger firm, we can offer…


  • Elimination of Fax Line
  • Software built for Document Management in the Legal Industry
  • Mobile Printing
  • Managed Print Programs tailored to your fleet

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You can also find us at your annual CT Bar Association events in the Vendor Pavilion.

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