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JANCO's manufacturing solutions turn slow, paper-based, manual processes into quick and easy digital ones. Our manufacturing business solutions automate paperwork so you can concentrate on the real work of making products.

With Lean manufacturing principles in mind JANCO's Manufacturing Solutions helps to keep your production costs lower while increasing efficiency not only on the plant floor but also between your production department and your front office. Our unique document management solutions will increase the speed and productivity of all your departments from sales and HR to shipping and production.


How can digital transformation make you a leader in your industry? And how can you remove costs, innovate with new products and services, exceed customer expectations, and manage risk and compliance regulations? You’ll find the answers in the right manufacturing business solutions and technology.


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Workflow Automation for Manufacturing


In a typical manufacturing process flow, there are many steps where document-based information intersects with the manufacturing cycle. Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions can provide new efficiencies at every stage—especially where physical and digital worlds intersect.

We can help you:


Enhance collaboration among R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing teams through secure global access to technical documents and information.

Improve efficiency in document management and print services, enabling mobility and compliance policies.

Accelerate business processes by automating traditionally manual tasks, digitizing and removing paper.

Create up-to-date manuals, procedures, policies and training for employees, which helps you meet compliance goals.

Improve communication with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

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