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Production PRINT

XEROX PRODUCTIVITY PACKS FOR HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, FINANCE AND GENERAL OFFICE eliminates time consuming paper tasks to automated digital workflow.  Affordable and Productive for all offices.

QUICK PRINT, EDUCATION OR ORGANIZATION COPY CENTERS can offer clients/end users high volume, award winning print and special media options.  Our certified Productions Specialist can meet with you and show you how you can offer service as a profit center.  Light Production, Production and Print Press

XMediusFAX® in Education

XMEDIUSFAX® delivers uncompromised security and tracking of all sent and received faxes, with automatic storage of faxes in the appropriate student record, as well as effective document delivery tracking and secure fax message forwarding to school administration staff for quick and appropriate action.

PaperCut for Schools

Hear what thousands of schools and universities do to cut waste, track printing and save money.


PaperCut is cost effective and straightforward for the smallest school or the largest multi-campus university.

PaperCut - School Testimony


Are your schools facing the same challenges?

The Director of Technology Services at a Chicago based school district, an Edtech devotee and Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology, Dr. R.J. Gravel talks about his experiences with managing print.

Translate Documents in over 50 Languages in One EZ Step using Xerox EZ Translator.  JANCO works very closely with organizations like schools, states departments, international companies to demonstrate the simplicity of this award winning application.



Simplify the transmitting of patient information into quick easy steps completely compliant with mandatory regulations.  Stop the madness with faxing or dropping documents into snail mail.  Pick your destination using SureScript and Kno2, scan the information and hit send.

Scan Documents and instantly have them editable in Word and Excel


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